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The best penis enlarging apparatus ever designed is available for you right now! Privately via discreet shipping, your penis will gain the length, thickness and tensile strength your partner desires. It's fast, it's effective and your results are guaranteed!

Meet the Pro Long System

2011 Urologist Report Reveals “Traction Beats Surgery” Proof: British Journal of Urology
Everything Is Included
The Complete Pro Long Penile Traction System
All Spacers, Extenders And Graduated Lengthener Components
Device Organizer Case And Detailed Regimen Instructions
Does it Really Work?
Your Results Are 100% Guaranteed
Many Satisfied Clients Agree
1 to 3 Inches Of New Length In Just 6 Months
Improved Girth and Tensile Strength
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get Guaranteed Results, Prolong is proven by experience

Pro Long works every time, for ever man who uses it. It doesn't matter how big or how small your penis is presently. Your ethnicity, country of origin, sexual orientation and natural genetic penis size are all irrelevant. What matters is whether or not you really want to grow your penis by 1 to 3 inches in just six months. We know it works because clinical testing and client testimonials prove that the Pro Long traction device is universally accepted as the premier penis extension method for people who understand how important it is to have a big penis!

Lots of companies make ridiculous claims, so we understand that you may be skeptical as you start your research regarding the Pro Long system. Don't be. Our results our guaranteed by our thousands happy customers who tried ProLong over all these years.

Headline News Media Now Reports The Scientific Truth About Penis Enlargement Methods:

As Maureen Salamon, the Health Day Reporter for world renowned US News And World Reports recently stated in a landmark article about the recent breakthrough success of penis enlargement devices: "In a review of five evidence-based surgical studies of 121 men and six non-surgical studies of 109 men published between 2000 and 2009, the researchers found that penile extenders -- which stretch the organ over a period of months through traction -- were the most effective"

Take Control Of Your Own Sex Life. Developing The Size Of Your Penis Is The Best Way To Obtain The Confidence You Need To Exceed All Of Her Expectations!

scientific facts favor the PRO LONG SYSTEM

World renowned urologists agree pro long style penis traction devices are the best method of adding size to your penis

In a groundbreaking study published by the highly respected British Journal of Urology International (, world renowned urologists explained their expert analysis of several potential methods of increasing penis size. The study compares Pro Long style traction devices to surgical options, creams, pills and other exercise regimens.

Italian urologists Marco Oderda stated quite clearly that "Our review suggests that penile extenders represent an effective and durable method of penile lengthening, capable of elongating the penis" and he went on to explain that "Surgery is characterized by a risk of complications and unwanted outcomes and lack of consensus among the medical profession on the indications for surgery and the techniques used. That is why a non-invasive technique is preferable."

"Penile extenders represent an effective and durable method of penile lengthening- British Journal of Urology International"

Put simply the British Journal of Urology International is finally acknowledging that penile surgery is too risky, except in extreme cases of personal health, and that of all the methods available for gaining penis length - the safest and best method is the one that Pro Long clients have already been using successfully for years.

the basics WHAT’s in IT for you?

Penis Length Can Be A Very Important And Embarrassing Part Of Your Health Pro Long Provides Measurable Results And Complete Privacy

At Pro Long, we want to be a part of the solution for men suffering from inadequate penis size problems. We understand the personal, private nature of penis length deficiencies and for that reason we protect your privacy in everything we do.

You'll notice your Pro Long package arrives in a plain brown box without any mention of the contents. Nobody other than you will ever know that you have started using the Pro Long system unless you tell them. However, you should keep in mind that once you increase your penis size by 1 to 3 inches, your lover will notice and might start asking how it happened.

The one drawback to our discreet shipping and privacy guarantee is that it does make it much more difficult for us to 'get the word out' about the Pro Long system. Also, as you would expect, most men who successfully use Pro Long to increase the size of their penis are unlikely to tell their friends about it. That's why you may not have heard about Pro Long until now, but be glad you did because the larger, thicker, more responsive penis you desire is now just a few clicks away!

How does pro long penis enlargement work so well??

Pro Long uses a scientific approach to penis enlargement that is supported by more than fifty years of medical data from limb lengthening procedures designed to increase the length of arms and legs. You can read the preliminary scientific research here:

Notice that scientists don't use creams or pills to increase the length of an arm or a leg. The best method is a combination of traction and stretching exercises that use your own skin elasticity and recovery to your advantage.

The keys to successful traction growth are: the quality of the precision device you use, consistency of your stretching regimen, safety of your penis enlargement program and scalability for continued performance.


Pro Long is a physician certified penis enlargement device that has demonstrated proven results in clinical research trials. The Pro Long system is only intended for healthy adult men. Use of this powerful penis lengthening device before reaching adulthood or if you are suffering from a serious health complication can be detrimental. Please use Pro Long only as directed!

Most Recent Clinical Trial Data

Pro Long Works When Used As Directed!

The most recent clinical trial data proves the Pro Long penis enlargement claims. Doctor supervised research with a group of 180 healthy men over a six month period generating length gains averaging 1.73 inches! The candidate with the most significant growth increased his penis size by 2.4 inches during the study, and the patient with the least growth gained 1.1 inches, showing that everyone using Pro Long welcomed substantial penis size results.

penis shaping

For some reason men often forget that the penis is a part of your body much like any other. When you exercise at the gym you may have one of many different goals. You might want to add more strength, increase muscle size or 'shape' your body to be more attractive. The same is true for penis enlargement with Pro Long. Having a penis that is eight or nine inches in length but suffering from an unattractive or painful curvature is not better than having a small penis and suffering from length deficiencies. Pro Long can help you reshape your penis to provide maximum length, ejaculatory function and visual symmetry.

Do you have a curved penis?

Due to the natural tension of your reproductive organ, your penis has some degree of curvature which is completely normal. However, some men suffer from a tissue disorder known as Peyronie's Disease which can cause extreme flexion, discomfort, sexual performance problems and major self-esteem issues. Pro Long solves the problem by gradually straightening your penis to provide maximum length and is a healthy remedy for the proper treatment of Peyronie's Disease.

Penis Shape Affects Penis Length

As a simple matter of basic mathematics, a straight line always extends further than a curved line, even if the lines are both the same length. You can see this by bending your arm at the elbow and seeing how far away your hand can reach. Now straighten your arm and notice the major increase in reach, even though the 'length' of your arm has remained unchanged in either position. Penis shape affects penis size in exactly the same way. By using the Pro Long traction control system for penis enlargement you can simultaneously stretch and straighten your penis to gain the length you desire!

Penis Straightening Can Improve Ejaculatory Function

Anecdotal evidence in recent studies shows that the ejaculatory function of men after straightening their penis is greatly improved when compared to the ejaculatory function of the same test patients prior to reshaping the penis. Straighter shape and improved elasticity from penile traction also has the ancillary affect of increasing ejaculatory volume, orgasm control and orgasmic intensity. That combination results in greater sexual self-confidence and completes a cycle of momentum that can dramatically improve your overall lifestyle.

Raw Data From Clinical Trials and Scientific Studies

Pro Long is proud of our continuing efforts to test, improve and retest the best penis enlargement traction system ever produced. For that reason we also publish the raw data reports from our most recent studies, so that our clients can see the full effects of having the Pro Long system in a strictly controlled scientific environment under the supervision of biometric experts and urologists.

Peyronies disease treatment

All patients were treated with continuous traction using The Pro Long System®, adjusting it with a force of traction between 1.200g. and 1.500g.

The amount of time (total of daily hours of use) varied:
5 patients used it between 6 and 9 hours a day.
3 patients used it between 9 and 12 hours a day.


Average = 16,8 weeks (Range:8-24 weeks)
Force of traction = 1.200 - 1.500 g.

Use of The Pro Long System®:

6 hours/day = 0
6 - 9 hours/day = 5
9 - 12 hours/day = 3


Continuous traction with The Pro Long System® seems to be an adequate therapeutic option to treat Peyronie's disease, because it leads to:
- A decrease in penile incurvation
- A decrease in the size and consistency of fibrous plaques
- The recovery of penile length


It is logical to think that traction force supplied by The Pro Long System® compensates and minimizes fibrous plaque retraction force.
As you can see from the results above, a curved penis can be corrected using the Pro Long System® penis enlargement device. If you still have any doubts please ask and we will forward medical information to your doctor.

Please consult with your doctor or urologist before starting the treatment with the Pro Long System.

Hear What Real Men Say About The Pro] Long Penis Traction System

"Now these additional inches give me much more pleasure and the results are lasting!"

It may seem that fairly high price is the only disadvantage of the extender. In my opinion, however, it’s an advantage, because price = quality, which is extremely important when it comes to such devices. The extender is manufactured with great precision and made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees that the device, which is expected to bring only benefits, won’t do any harm to your penis. Besides, you can always take advantage of the special offer, buy it at a lower price and get even more benefits, like I did. Now these additional inches give me much more pleasure and the results are lasting!

Roger K. 23 - Arizona

"The extender saved my marriage and helped me through a bad patch. Incredible!"

Two years ago I noticed that my penis started to be more and more curved. The more it was curved, the greater pain I felt during erections. Although I felt ashamed to visit a doctor, I eventually decided to do it. The diagnosis I was given really broke me down – Peyronie's Disease. I also heard that it was almost impossible to treat. I visited a number of doctors, hoping that one of them would find a solution. Some excellent urologist recommended me ProLongSystem and after just a few months I noticed a great improvement. The extender saved my marriage and helped me through a bad patch. Incredible!

Steve, 31 Chicago

"Nobody found out that I ordered ProLongSystem and nobody noticed that I used it during classes. Awesome"

Some time ago my friends and I drunk a lot at a man’s party and came up with a very stupid idea – we measured our penises to find out who had the biggest. It really was a very stupid idea. It turned out that my penis was the smallest. The guys started laughing at me and giving me nicknames that related to its size. I felt bad and thus decided to do something about it. I bought ProLongSystem and after half a year my penis was huge! If you could see the guys when they found that I was telling the truth about the extender – priceless Nobody found out that I ordered ProLongSystem and nobody noticed that I used it during classes. Awesome!

Criss, 23 Oxford


  • Does My Pro Long Order Include Everything I Need?

    Yes. When you order Pro Long you get the complete Pro Long penile traction system including all components along with the primary traction device. All spacers, extenders, cuffs, graduated lengthener components and care materials are included. The entire Pro Long system fits neatly into the included Device Organizer Case and comes complete with your own Detailed Regimen Instructions. You get everything you need to succeed while lengthening your penis.

  • What Kind of Satisfaction Guarantee Does Pro Long Offer?

    ProLongSystem comes with a quality guarantee. Buying it, you’re assured that you’ve chosen a product that is made of the top quality materials ensuring durability and reliability. What’s more, it’s manufactured with precision, which makes this method of penis enlargement completely safe and painless.

  • How Big Will My Penis Become?

    The length of your penis depends on several factors. Obviously, Pro Long is building on the existing size of your penis. Also, each person has a different level of skin elasticity and erectile tension. Other factors like penis curvature also play an important role. Pro Long clients can expect a gain of 1 to 3 inches in penis length during the first six months of use as directed as an average.

  • Is Pro Long Safe And Thoroughly Tested?

    Pro Long has been put through a rigorous series of safety tests by trained medical professionals. Pro Long is tested and retested each year as technicians continue to evolve the most effective penis lengthening device ever conceived.

  • What Health Effects Does Pro Long Provide?

    The primary reason to use Pro Long is the additional penis length and girth it provides, but there are also some important secondary health effects as well. Reduced penile curvature promotes better ejaculatory control, enhanced orgasmic intensity and can be a very effective treatment for men who suffer with Peyronie's Disease. Exercise is as good for your penis as it is for the rest of your body, and Pro Long can help.

  • Does The Pro Long Traction Device Require Any Maintenance?

    Pro Long is carefully constructed and inspected by trained mechanical engineers before it is discreetly shipped directly to you. The design, assembly and inspection process insures that your Pro Long device arrives in optimal condition. For hygienic purposes, you must keep the device clean, before and after each use with a small amount of soapy water and a dry towel. Other than that, no additional maintenance is needed.

  • Does Pro Long Do Anything To Protect My Privacy?

    Pro Long is not sold in stores or through any other website. By strictly controlling the sale and distribution of the Pro Long system we are able to protect your privacy more efficiently. Pro Long is shipped in a plain brown box and does not have any discernable labels or markings that would inform others about your purchase. We recognize that penis size is a source of embarrassment for many men, our goal is to provide a high quality solution in a completely confidential manner. The only people who know you use Pro Long will be the people you tell about or the people who witness your penile enhancement first hand.

  • How Long Before I Start Seeing Real Results?

    Results do vary, depending on how consistently you use the device; the settings you choose; the elasticity and tensile strength of your penis and other factors. Most clients notice significant results within the first three weeks. Usually starting with the appearance of penile straightening and then developing into an increase of length, which eventually leads to better girth and ejaculatory control after a few months. By the end of a six month span you will see real results. We guarantee it!

  • Is Pro Long Traction Therapy Comfortable?

    The Pro Long device is designed with your comfort in mind. Each surface is smooth and shaped to the contours of your penis in an ergonomic manner. As with any other exercise, your body will experience the same kind of physical training sensations as it would with any other kind of health based stretching stamina-building activities. It is recommended that you start slowly, build up your endurance and then exercise more intensely to maximize results.

About us Pro Long System


Diverse Backgrounds Lead To The Best Design

The Pro Long system has been developed over a fourteen year period and is based on an interdisciplinary approach to penis enlargement. A combination of professionals with advanced education and practical employment experience in the fields of Urology, Ergonomics, Fertility, Psychology, Plyometrics and Physical Training worked together to design and develop the prototype of the Pro Long traction device.

That prototype was analyzed and modified by Mechanical Engineers under the supervision of Doctors and Research Analysts to fine-tune performance, determine peak settings and create the Pro Long device you see today when you order your own Pro Long and begin adding inches to your penis with the best traction system ever unveiled.

One Single Focus Guides Everything We Do

Every person involved with the design process of the Pro Long system met with real clinical trial candidates to discuss the questions and concerns of men facing penile insufficiency problems. That gave our entire team insight into the people who are in need of this device and the ways they will be able to use it as part of their existing exercise regimen to promote overall health. Our single focus from the moment this device was created decades ago, through every evolution in design along the way, and continuing into the future is always to offer our clients the safest, most reliable, comfortable and effective way to enhance penis size. It's a simple goal with a complex solution, and we are proud to be able to give you the tool you need to succeed in your battle to control your own penile development.

The tool you need to succeed for controlling your own penis size growth and development!

Generating Major Results For Real Men During 14 Years Of Success

The Pro Long system was originally manufactured fourteen years ago for the purpose of assisting patients recovering from penis surgery or rehabilitating their penis after a serious injury like penile fracture. Doctors and patients noted significant size gains and improved ejaculatory function were common in patients who used Pro Long as directed. That sparked the decision to begin clinical testing on healthy volunteers seeking penis enlargement as the primary goal of their care.

In the last fourteen years, Pro Long has helped more than 250,000 men develop their penis to become longer, thicker and more responsive without any surgical intervention.

Produced exclusively in Denmark and shipped directly to customers in discreet packages, Pro Long has earned a long strong reputation as the finest penis enlargement traction device ever

The Pro Long System has been lauded by many scientific journals, media reports and in-depth research papers. You may have noticed Pro Long being discussed on one of your favorite health related Television programs, Radio Shows, Newspaper Articles, Magazines or Academic Journals. For your convenience we have included the following links to a few representative examples of the media coverage that the Pro Long System has received from experts, clients and health professionals alike:

Links to online articles:
DailyMail about the effectiveness of extenders
Letter to the editor - treatment of Peyronies disease
Question to the expert in the German press
Results of the survey in the British magazine for men
Swedish paper about the grawing popularity of extenders
Doctors and customers agree - it works

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  • Quality guarantee

    ProLongSystem is made of the best quality materials, which ensure durability. It is also manufactured with precision. Therefore, buying ProLongSystem, you can be sure that you get the best product, which will increase the size of your penis in a totally safe and effective way.

  • Lasting effects

    Using the ProLongSystem as directed will allow you to increase the size of your penis and ensure lasting effects. Your penis will not come back to the original size when you stop using the extender.

  • Safety

    ProLongSystem is completely safe if used as directed. Read carefully the manual before use! You don’t have to be supervised by the doctor when using the device. However, remember that you should contact a physician prior to the start of treatment. ProLongSystem is really skin-friendly and safe to use.

  • Confidentiality

    We respect your privacy. Therefore, we neither share your personal information nor sell it.

  • Discretion

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  • For everybody

    The ProLongSystem is only intended for healthy adult men. Use of this powerful penis lengthening device before reaching adulthood or if you are suffering from a serious health complication can be detrimental. Please use Pro Long only as directed!